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Great Greeting For Everyone

As I love to learn, I Love to Help People Learn.

Hey, it is good to see you here.

I am Ahmed Alsaleh. A communication student at Queens University of Charlotte. Something about me is that I love writing and learning. Maybe I am a communication student, but I have a solid background in technology & web development. Oh, almost forgot, I also have degree in Marketing.

"The great myth of our times is that technology is communication"
-Libby Larsen


Find your dream, what you hope to be, or where you want to be.


Set the plan and aim your target, so you can move and start from now.


Not only the previous step can make you achieve your goal, but you also need self-confidence.


My Happy Clients!

My last project is creating a podcast website that allows my customer to upload and organize their episodes. It was really awesome working with those two guys. You should check their podcast out.

Area of Expertise!

I am Bachelor student majoring in Communication. Expected to graduate December 2021.

My study focuses on business that I have a degree in Marketing, and I am pursuing Bachelor degree in Communication with Organizational concentration.

I have a solid background in web development. Skills that I have built myself step by step. Until today, I am improving those skills by learning and practicing.

Technology is my hobby. I read and learn about technology. I always try to be part of any technology to be familiar with new technologies.

I've Worked with Python

I have taken an optional class at the university that teaching the basics of Python. Moreover, we as students were assigned to a large group to invent a smart trash can.

I've Taken the Health Communication Course

I have also taken the health communication course at the university and have expanded my knowledge in communication as the health communication is large field in communication studies.

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