Mornings with Grandmother

Mornings with Grandmother.

I don’t like eating a date and drinking a coffee,
but in the morning, not any morning,
Morning gathers me and her.

Even if I am late, she insists.
Her date and coffee taste so different.
Their delicious spices are her short stories.

Could you come back 
I miss everything.
I want to tell you my diary which you always love to hear.

I miss your daily calls and daily questions.
Did you arrive?
Are you okay?
Did you eat?

Where have you been,
You, your calls, and your questions
Where is your praying for me?

Did you know,
your praying place asks me about you?
Your place in the living room has already missed you.
And your home our home became darkness without you.

The bushes and the palm tree are so thirsty.
They were waiting for you to water them. Until,
I told them you’ve gone, they’ve gone too.

I know I am the one who left first,
But I told you I will be back.
But you, you have gone with no return.

Could you come back.
I miss you so much.
I need you more than everything.

Did you know, I will have a daughter soon?
Your granddaughter.
You dreamed to see my daughter.

And, now, when I wanted to make your dream.
you went with no return.
Don’t you want to see her?

Author: Ahmed Alsaleh

coffee | grandmother | mornings | poem | poetry

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