The best resources to learn web development

In this brief article we will explore the various and best resources to learn Web Development.

Many people want to become web developers and others may only want to have a background about the web development. However, most of those people find it hard to learn, because they think there is not enough resources to learn such thing. Indeed, this thinking is totally incorrect because there are so many resources that will absolutely help you learn and improve your knowledge in web development. Moreover, those various resources are some for reasonable amount of money and some for free. Therefore, I decided to create this article, so we can explore what are the best resources that we could learn web development, paid courses and free courses.

FreeCodeCamp (Free)

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform, an online community forum, chat rooms, online publications and local organizations that intend to make learning web development accessible to anyone.

Coursera (Free)

Coursera Inc. is an American massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Coursera works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects.

W3Schools (Free)

W3Schools is a freemium educational website for learning coding online. Created in 1998, its name is derived from the World Wide Web. It is run by Refsnes Data in Norway. It is well-known platform where you can learn any programing language step by step.

Traversy Media (Free)

Traversy Media is dedicated to bringing the world the highest quality programming content. Brad creates courses & tutorials, but also features other talented instructors on the channel. Traversy Media features free quality content via YouTube.

Website Learners (Free)

WebsiteLearners help people who are trying to create their own website, with the help of their ‘easy-to-follow’ tutorial videos. Everyday, their videos are watched by thousands of people, to create their websites.

I personally, learned a lot from these guys. They are so helpful and their tutorials are pretty easy.

HTMLDog (Free)

HTML Dog has been dishing out healthy code treats since 2003. The idea is, and has always been, to take the somewhat convoluted official specifications of client-side technologies (HTML and its relations) and present them in a much more readable, easier to understand, fashion.

Codeacademy (Free and Paid)

Codecademy is an American online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, C#, Swift, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS.

Udemy (Paid)

Udemy, Inc. is an American massive open online course provider aimed at professional adults and students. It was founded in May 2010 by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar. Whether you want to learn or to share what you know, you’ve come to the right place. As a global destination for online learning.

Udemy is an expanded online education institution and in Udemy you can learn whatever in you desire to learn.

Treehouse (Paid)

Treehouse was founded in 2011 with the purpose of making tech more accessible through affordable and engaging online tech education.

Find all the instructions you need to get an entry-level job in tech, even if you’ve never coded. Not a beginner? Test out of subjects you already know with Compass.

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