There is nothing wrong with being inspired by other creators and designers

If you are a designer and web creator, you may have experienced this thing. Maybe most of us experienced it in some way, not necessarily in web designing, but in so many different situations. 

However, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by others.

Have you ever come across a website and liked how some of its applications or features?

Have you ever come across a website and liked the design idea?

Have you ever had a website idea that you wanted to create and went to existed websites to see how they have been done in terms of design and or features?

If yes, then what usually happens. Sometimes we think this would be copying what others have done and definitely not creativity.

Well, let me tell you something about creativity. The creativity is also to recreate an existed work in your own way. Even if you create the same work and add additional features or and ideas, that still count. That still called creativity. 

We always see repeated topics on the news for example and wonder why would they repeat the same story over and over. However, when we actually read every story, we would realize then that every reporter took a unique angle other reporters did not. Do not let that thinking stops you from being creative. You are creative. Remember, designing is an idea that must be done before it is gone. In other words, do the design idea you have now, before you forget it.

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